What is Sidebark?

Sidebark is personal and private sharing to stay connected with the people who matter most

We promise to protect privacy, respect boundaries, and support authentic, targeted communications over impersonal broadcasts.

Our core beliefs:

  • Our users are our customers
  • Our customers are owners not suppliers
  • Privacy is NOT dead
  • Privacy is dynamic
  • Pragmatism over idealism
  • Private AND easy
  • Try – get better every day

  • Our Team

    David Cho, CEO

    Dave is CEO and co-founder of Sidebark. Prior to Sidebark, Dave spent 10+ years working for Bain & Company. He focused primarily on digital media, helping his clients to define their digital strategies, identify target customer segments and develop products to meet the needs of these target segments. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Pomona College.

    Nickolay Stanev, CTO

    Nick is CTO and co-founder of Sidebark. Prior to Sidebark, Nick spent 9 years working at PayPal – the first two as an Engineer, and the others as a Manager. He worked on a number of core PayPal Product areas, such as Risk, Marketplaces, and Customer Operations. He helped build the India Development center from the ground up and managed geographically distributed teams of over 100 people. Nick holds a BS and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

    Erik Pukinskis, UX and Rails Guru

    Erik is the Lead Engineer and UX expert for Sidebark. In addition, Erik is the founder of SproutRobot, a startup that helps folks start vegetable gardens. Erik holds a BS in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Connecticut, an MS in Human-Computer Interaction Design from Indiana University Bloomington, and began a PhD in Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego.